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We are currently accepting players for our 2017 annual trip to Nationals in Orlando

Play in the world's largest youth competitive event!! AAU national championships in Orlando Flordia June 2017 (dates vary on age group)

Purchase your spot on the team today.

Registration open to all players all levels

Registration deadline February 15th 2017 or until rosters are full. First come first reserved. This is individual registation not team registration. Teams are put together after players are registered.


$300 gets your player registered on a team

$500 gets your player registered, room and board and transportation to/from the event daily.

$700 gets your player registered, room/board, transportation to Orlando and transportation daily.

Player's Name Team Name
Contact phone # and Email

Elite Volleyball Clubs Policy Manual Click Here 

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We have a lot of volleyball services that can meet all your needs.  Training, coaching, gaining experience, conditioning, out of season play, beginners to advanced.  We can help with all aspects of your volleyball needs. Just ask... 

Joining one of our teams can be as easy as joining us for an open gym.  Sign up for one of our club events and come meet some of our players and coaches. We have beginner to national teams for players ages 7-18.