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*Note: Lessons/Tryouts/Gym/Equip Rentals can be cancelled/rescheduled if given at least 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled event without cancellation charges.

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***NEW LOCATION***  Elite will now be available in 2 locations!!!  Kansas city and Lee's Summit 

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Elite Training Gym & Equipment Rentals

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​Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm  $15/$20 per 1/2 hour slot

Limited evening & weekend time slots* available $25/30 per 1/2 hour slot

*Prime time Pricing

Hitting Cages - High rep hitting w/o setter

Setter Targets - precision setting

Pass Targets - Targeting defense

Vertical Test - Measure current player Stats

All balls and carts included in time rental

​!!no coach required, only registered insured Elite Coaches allowed for player assist!!

What Do You Like Most About Elite?
*These are real Elite VB clients and their unedited comments.

-Love all the communication and opportunities for training!

-The best thing so far has been the knowledgeable coaches and friendly staff!

-We have gained amazing extended family members through Elite!

-We love the coaches, players and families we have met.  We enjoy spending time with all.  Our daughter's skills have progressed so very much.  We are   excited for next season.

-I get to practice volleyball a lot and the coaches are really helpful so I can get better.

-We love that coaches and trainers seem to really care about our daughter, and her development. And we love the amount of training that is available   year round outside of regular season practices. That is honestly one of the things that really brought us to Elite originally.

-The level of skill the girls are taught right away as well as the level of coaching the girls receive. 

-Our daughter joined Elite last year and I have never been more welcomed to a club. The coaching staff and parents are very friendly. She learned more   last year then she has the previous 3 years playing for [another club].

-How much she learns from coach/team.

-Location, Experienced Coaches

-Elite has so much to offer the girls! The training options, open gyms, etc. are great!

-We have loved to see our daughter's skills develop and her confidence skyrocket!

-We like the opportunity for our daughter to get the knowledge, training and skills to become a great volleyball player.  

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12 Years strong... more than a Decade of Elite Volleyball​​

Elite Premier Gym 4009 e 137th Terr Grandview MO 

Harris Park Gym 110 sw Blue Parkway Lees Summit MO 


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Elite Training Gym

1170 SE Century Dr LSMO

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Teams and Levels available for the 2019-2020 Elite Volleyball Season​
Elite Select: offering levels 1 & 2 

ETA Select (Level 1) - Grades 3-7. Geared toward first time competitive players and young players. Starter level intended for participation and player development. 2 practices weekly and no travel. 
Select (Level 2) - Grades 5-12.  Geared toward players that are interested in continuing their skills and interested in more competitive play.  2 practices weekly and limited travel.  Lower cost, less time commitment, more competitive. Geared toward players wanting to advance there competitive level and work into traveling and high competitive teams.

Elite Premier: offering levels 3, 4 & 5 

Regional Premier (Level 3) - Grades 7-12.  Geared toward highly competitive and skilled players.  Higher player expectations, bigger local events, 3 practices weekly.  Higher cost,  very competitive, in region limited travel required.  (results required play-stats) Focus on players of multiple sports, or players that want high competition with little to no travel and school interference.  

American Premier (Level 4) - Grades 7-12.  Geared toward highly competitive and skilled players.  Results based, high pressure, travel is required, 3 practices weekly.  Higher cost, more time commitment, some traveling, competitive. (results required play-stats). 

National Premier (Level 5)-   Grades 8-12.  Geared toward the highest level of competition.  Results based, high pressure, high level of travel required.  3-4 practices weekly.  Highest cost, highest time commitment, travel and competitive (results required play-stats)

Elite is gearing up for our 12th season of competitive volleyball. We have 20+ years experiencing of playing, coaching and training among our staff. Whatever your volleyball needs, we can help. We provide training, coaching, team building, conditioning, out of season play and more!  We work with all levels, beginners to advanced.  We are here to help with all aspects of your volleyball needs. Just ask...