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Elite Volleyball Clubs

Final Tryout:

November 1st 2016

14u and Under 5:00-6:00pm

15u and Over 6:00-7:00pm

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Teams with Openings:

11 eta - 1 

13 eta - 1 

13 gold - 1 

14 eta - 3

14 force - 1

14 gold - 1

15 force - 1

15 gold - 1

16 gold - 1

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We are currently recruting players for our 2016-2017 season

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Elite Volleyball Clubs Policy Manual Click Here 

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We have a lot of volleyball services that can meet all your needs.  Training, coaching, gaining experience, conditioning, out of season play, beginners to advanced.  We can help with all aspects of your volleyball needs. Just ask... 

Joining one of our teams can be as easy as joining us for an open gym.  Sign up for one of our club events and come meet some of our players and coaches. We have beginner to national teams for players ages 7-18.