Heart of America volleyball Region

Elite Volleyball Clubs

Coach Christina Elmore

Head Coach

Impact Certified 

SafeSport Certified

PCA Level 1 

PCA Level 2

PCA Level 3

4 Years High School

    Husker Hall of Fame 2014
4 Years CMSU
    1994 CMSU Hall of Fame
Coed Competitive Indoor
Women's Competitive Indoor
Coed Competitive Sand  

2010-2011 Assistant Coach Southern Elite 13 Select
    Southern Elite 13 Silver
2011-2012 Head Coach Southern Elite 13 Select  
2012-2013 Head Coach Elite Under Armour 15 Force

2013-2014 Head Coach Elite Under Armour 16 Force and ETA 12s

2014-2015 Head Coach Elite Volleyball 17 Force and 13 Gold  

2015-2016 Head Coach Elite Volleyball 14 Gold and 16 Force

2016-2017 Head Coach Elite Volleyball 15 Force and 17 Select

2017-2018 Head Coach Elite Volleyball 16 Force

2018-2019 Head Coach Elite Volleyball 14 Force and 16 Force


Elite Volleyball Club Player Head Recruiter
Elite Volleyball Club Club Rep 
Private Trainer