Heart of America volleyball Region

Elite Volleyball Clubs

Teams and Levels available for the 2019-2020 Elite Volleyball Season​

Elite Select: offering levels 1 & 2 

ETA Select (Level 1) - Grades 3-7. Geared toward first time competitive players and young players. Starter level intended for participation and player development. 2 practices weekly and no travel. 

Select (Level 2) - Grades 5-12.  Geared toward players that are interested in continuing their skills and interested in more competitive play.  2 practices weekly and limited travel.  Lower cost, less time commitment, more competitive. Geared toward players wanting to advance there competitive level and work into traveling and high competitive teams.

Elite Premier: offering levels 3, 4 & 5 

Regional Premier (Level 3) - Grades 7-12.  Geared toward highly competitive and skilled players.  Higher player expectations, bigger local events, 3 practices weekly.  Higher cost,  very competitive, in region limited travel required.  (results required play-stats) Focus on players of multiple sports, or players that want high competition with little to no travel and school interference.  

American Premier (Level 4) - Grades 7-12.  Geared toward highly competitive and skilled players.  Results based, high pressure, travel is required, 3 practices weekly.  Higher cost, more time commitment, some traveling, competitive. (results required play-stats). 

National Premier (Level 5)-   Grades 8-12.  Geared toward the highest level of competition.  Results based, high pressure, high level of travel required.  3-4 practices weekly.  Highest cost, highest time commitment, travel and competitive (results required play-stats)