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New HOA rules regarding recruitment for the 2018-2019 season:

-No individual player and/or parent/guardian on behalf of a player is permitted to sign an agreement, to compete with a club, during any HOA sanctioned competition, in the upcoming indoor volleyball season, prior to July 15
-Prior to July, 20, individual players and/or parent/guardians of individual players are also expressly prohibited from paying any dues and/or deposits for the 2017/18 volleyball season.
-If this policy is violated, the player will be prohibited from competing for the club with which he/she signed an agreement or made a deposit during all 2017/18 HOA sanctioned indoor competitions.
-A 2nd infraction of the policy will prohibit the player from competing with any club for the season.

Are you thinking about next season already?

Contact us for more information about Elite or future seasons.

Check back often as the current season comes to an end and camps and open gyms are added.  

Team placement & tryouts

There are several ways to achieve placement on one of our teams.

Player Evaluation-private lesson 

Open Gym

Skill Classes

Summer League

School Visit


We have several different levels of teams which one fits your player best?

Each team available is posted on one of our three team categories

Elite-National (force), Premier (gold), Select, or      Elite Training Academy (ETA)

Elite Premier(Gold and Force)- Players of the highest effort level and highest skill level. Some height restrictions all ages

Elite Select (Silver and Select)- Players of high effort levels and improving skill levels. No height restrictions all ages

Elite Training Academy- Players of good effort level and coachable attitude. No height restrictions ages 14 under


You can sign up for a player evaluation.  It is a very specific training lesson to go over all skills.  We assess what level your player would be considered at that time.  Additional training, camps, clinics and lessons can modify this level and improve it but this is what we see at first impression.  Offers can be made at this time.  You can choose between a half hour evaluation of skills or a full hour that includes the evaluation and some training.


At Elite, we have an average of an 80% return rate so some teams can have limited spots open.  We adjust the number of teams for each age group each year based on the number of returning players plus the interest from that age group at spring and summer skills sessions and inquiries.  Our offers are based on ability, not team openings, which means that if your daughter receives as offer for a 14 gold team, she will play on a 14 gold team or better.  We will not give an offer for a 14 select or silver team just because there is an opening there.  We want all of our athletes to be challenged and not end up on a lower team just because there was an offer there.  We will have up to date numbers on openings at any Elite activities or player evaluations as recruiting season progresses.  No official offers can be signed by any player or parent prior to July 20 starting the 2017-2018 season.    


We can present you with an offer at anytime after we have seen your player.  If we feel we have enough information about your player to assess a level we will make them an offer at that level.  Offers require a deposit to hold a players spot and will have a deadline for commitment.  Each offer is different please refer directly to yours for more information. Read Completely.

We do not make teams and FILL them.  We offer levels and then make teams.

~~For example:

If we give out 40 offers for 15 silver and 30 players commit we will then have 3 - 15 silver teams. We will set them up as equal teams.

If we give out 15 offers for 15 gold and we have 7 players commit we will have 1 - 15 gold team of 7 players.

Coaches are placed on teams after they are made.  Coach chosen for each team is based on previous evaluations and records.  All coaches are impact certified and have extensive coach training.  All Coaches keep stats on all players for the entire season and is a coaching requirement.  Player development during the season is available with additional training from Coach Bre or Chris in season (additional charges apply).


Send in your offer letter and deposit and You are a member of Elite Volleyball- Welcome!  You will be put on our club email list and have access to club events, teams and training that is only available to Elite players.  You will be guaranteed placement on the team you were offered. Offers can not be taken away.  It is a guarantee from us to you as a member.  If you would like to be considered for a higher level after signing, another evaluation or viewing of your player can be done to see if advancement is applicable.  Players can be moved up but will NEVER be moved down (unless requested by player/parent).