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Elite Volleyball Clubs

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Elite Premier Gym
4009 E 137th Ter
Grandview MO
New 3 court facility
Off Botts and 135th/150 Hwy in Grandview
We have ran tournaments in the Kansas City are for 10 years please join us for a new location
with new awards/services
Medals, photo opts, plaques, trophies etc
Concessions will be provided
Plenty of spectator seating
Designated camp area for players
Courts each have over 12' of service room each end great for jump servers
Parking is limited please look for signage, do not park on grass or on Botts Rd.

Harris Park Community Center
110 SW Blue Parkway
Lee's Summit MO
4 Court Facility
Hardwood Floors
Plenty of parking
Player designated camp area
Concessions Provided
Playground outside
We have had tournaments in the Kansas City Area for 10 years
Our tournaments fill up fast!   
Come see us this year for all your age groups and division levels